Watch TV Show Video: Koi Baat Chale 2022

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Koi Baat Chale 2022

Year: Duration: 29 MinView: 1,050 views

‘Koi Baat Chale’ is a celebration of some of the best Indian writers and their literary works. This unique season consists of 6 episodes with stories being read by veteran actors (e.g. Manoj Pahwa, Saadiya Siddiqui, Vinay Pathak etc.) who use their vocal skills and performing arts to translate words into emotions, juxtaposed with a quirky, otherworldly set that creates a nostalgic and fantastical experience for the viewers. Koi Baat Chale has stories like ‘Toba Tek Singh’, ‘Idgah’, ‘Ek Film Katha’ written by Saadat Hasan Manto, Munshi Premchand and Harishankar Parsai respectively and more of such.